Ösel Khandro Duwi Ling, 17 miles south of Grants, New Mexico

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Ösel Khandro Duwi Ling, 17 miles south of Grants, New Mexico

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Ösel Khandro Duwi Ling, "The Gathering Place of the Dakinis," is located 17 miles south of Grants, New Mexico, in the Zuni Mountains. This small, simple, and remote retreat center of Bhakha Tulku Rinpoche is at an altitude of just under 8,000 feet. It is situated in a grassy meadow surrounded by a vibrant Ponderosa pine forest—a place of peace and solitude, yet full of power and promise. Days are warm and pleasant; nights are cool. It is accessible via a well-maintained and easily drivable dirt road.

Ceremonies and retreats are held in the stupa’s shrine room. At this point in the development of the retreat land, the facilities are simple but very pleasant. Retreatants should be prepared to camp (bring all your own gear) in a designated pine-forest camping area; there are also various motels in Grants, 20 miles away by a good road. The retreat land has a small sangha kitchen where wholesome and delicious food is served during retreats, as well as a bathhouse and toilets. There are no telephones (but there is some cell-phone reception).

The retreat land is located 20 miles southwest of Grants, NM, off I-40. The nearest airport is Albuquerque, 70 miles east of Grants on I-40. If coming from the west, Grants is 70 miles east of Gallup, NM.Due to weather conditions at this altitude, the retreat land is open only between May and early October. Because the stupa is situated on private land, visits must be arranged by appointment

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