Garchen Buddhist Institute Winter Teachings Dec27-Jan04

Here we can publicise upcoming dharma events (talks, retreats, webcasts, etc).
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Garchen Buddhist Institute Winter Teachings Dec27-Jan04

Post by phantom59 » Fri Dec 04, 2009 5:36 pm

Garchen Buddhist Institute Winter Teachings December 27-January 4

Preregistration deadline: December 19th

Dec 27 9am-12:00pm Garchen Rinpoche (topic not yet determined)
Dec 27 2-5pm Mahamudra Retreat with Lopon Barbara begins
Dec 28-31 Closed Mahamudra Retreat All are welcome for this precious retreat, however participants
must attend the entire four days and the temple is reserved for the retreat.
Jan 1-4 Vajrayogini Empowerment and Teachings with Traga Rinpoche

More details soon to follow!

We are so happy to be able to post the schedule 9 months in advance, please check back for writeups on the events as the time gets closer.

Feb. 6-14th: Yamantaka Drubchen with Garchen Rinpoche, Traga Rinpoche and lamas
Feb. 17th: Losar Celebration with Garchen Rinpoche
March 25-31: Phowa Teachings and Retreat with Traga Rinpoche
April 23-28: Chenrezig/Tara Drubchen with Venerable Lama Gape
May 27-31: Guru Rinpoche Drubchen with Venerable Lama Gape
June 19-21: Nyungne Retreat with Venerable Lama Gape" onclick=";return false;

Directions: Please plan to arrive before 8 p.m.

From Phoenix, drive north on I-17 (toward Flagstaff), take the Cordes Junction exit and drive west on Highway 69 toward Prescott. You will pass through Prescott Valley and then, on the outskirts of Prescott, stay in the far right lane and take the turnoff (to the right or north) to Highway 89 to Chino Valley.Drive north on Highway 89 about 15 miles to Chino Valley, and stay in the right-hand lane. Continue on Highway 89 through the stop light by a large Safeway store. Watch for the Stockman's Bank on your right, then a small blue triangular “County Road 70” sign , then a green “Perkinsville Road” sign — turn right (east) onto Perkinsville Road.

Drive east on Perkinsville Road for 9.5 miles — the road is paved for about the first 3 miles, and then turns to a gravel road. Drive carefully and slowly (do not exceed the speed limit, as town police regularly patrol this road), watching for free-roaming cattle and antelope. At about 9.25 miles you will see a farm house with a windmill on your right. Keep driving about another quarter mile on Perkinsville Road, and you will see our gate on your right. Our gate is green metal and has a white sign saying "Garchen Buddhist Institute.” The sign on the gate is hard to read at night, but it has a reflective-tape border that glows bright blue at night, making it easy to locate after sundown. Turn right into our unpaved driveway and follow it about 1/2 mile to the visitors’ parking lot. You will pass a house on your left before going up the hill to the parking lot. From the parking lot walk up the path to the temple and office. For handicapped access or deliveries, drive through the parking lot and take the first right, which leads to handicapped parking, the temple, stupa, office, and dining room/kitchen." onclick=";return false;


1. Setting up camp: Please check in at the registration desk in the Support Building by the temple for instructions on where to set up camp.

2. Cooking: NO FIRES or FLAME will be allowed - you should therefore order the onsite meals, or plan for meals requiring no cooking.

3. Rain or Snow: You should also be prepared for rain (or, in winter, snow) accompanied by strong wind.

4. Facilities Provided: Showers and toilets are available at the Support Building. A solar shower and water faucet are located near the camping area. (You should bring water containers/jugs.)

5. Food Storage/Garbage Disposal: To prevent wildlife from being attracted to the camping area - including the possibility of black bears or mountain lions, and the higher possibility of wild pigs, bob cats, and rodents:

a) Do NOT store foods in your tent, not even cough drops or other items with food or attractive scents.

b) Do NOT let food-garbage remain in your tent or camp area overnight.
Experienced campers are aware of the damage that animals can do to your tent/belongings to get at food inside. The fiercer wild animals could injure people in the process. If they become “garbage dependent” or attracted to campers, animals may hurt someone and park rangers will kill them as a preventive measure. For your own safety, the safety of your fellow campers, and the safety of the animals, please allow no food or food garbage in your tent or camp area, and do not feed or give water to the wild animals." onclick=";return false;

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Re: Garchen Buddhist Institute Winter Teachings Dec27-Jan04

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This is a precious opportunity!


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