lama Norbu - Geshe from Sera Monastery???

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lama Norbu - Geshe from Sera Monastery???

Post by caveman » Sat May 07, 2011 5:20 pm

Can anyone confirm the Geshe status of a Lama Norbu. :shrug:

Google" onclick=";return false; to see his website.

He sounds like a man without a past. His website only gives very vague information about him.

He claims to be a Geshe from Sera Monastery in India but gives no information about when he
was ordained a monk or when he got his Geshe degree. :shrug:

Claims his father was a Lama but gives us no background information. :shrug:

Is he legit or another con artist, I don't know.

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Re: lama Norbu - Geshe from Sera Monastery???

Post by Madeliaette » Sat May 07, 2011 5:29 pm

I do not know 'personally' - but have seen the same person in a photo in another thread here and people seemed to think he was a con in that thread.

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Re: lama Norbu - Geshe from Sera Monastery???

Post by Mr. G » Sat May 07, 2011 5:40 pm

There is a thread here: ... 72&p=35784" onclick=";return false;
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