Milarepa about daily life practice.

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Milarepa about daily life practice.

Post by muni » Sat Dec 19, 2009 11:16 am

Paldabum was very bright and devoted. she asked Milarepa many questions. She wanted to combine Dharma with her daily life.
Lady Paldabum: "In daytime I have to work, at night I sleep, in the morning and evening I need to cook. I am a servant to all these tasks which are filling my life. I really want to practice. How to do? Can you give me advice?

" Look to the mountain! That one is unshakable. Like that, train in being like the mountain what is steady and stable."
"Look at the sun and moon. Even sun and moon are sometimes covered by passing clouds, the sun and moon themselves never change. Their brilliance just is their nature, not increasing or decreasing. Be like the moon, be like the sun then there is no waxing or waning."
"Look at the sky. Sky, space is not something made out of anything. Space its nature is empty. There is neither edge nor center."
"Look at the big lake! Even there are many ripples, the water itself remains unwavering. Be like the water and remain unwavering."

"Mind is the most important. Settle into your own being and look to mind. Without following thoughts and carried away by them about this and that and so and not so; remain steady and meditate."

Lady Paldabum: "What when on the mountain plants grow, what when the moon and sun are eclipsed, what when in the sky many clouds are or huge waves appear on the lake? What should I do?"

Milarepa: " Plants, trees arise, dwell, cease naturally on the mountain, they don't harm the unshakable mountain.

The sun-moon eclipsing is temporary while the brilliance of the moon and sun are without change.

Whatever which weather in the sky appears, it is nothing more then its' display, the sky itself is unchanging.

There is no wave, existing separated from the lake. Like those waves, thoughts aren't separated from the empty cognizance of minds' nature. The empty cognizance just appear as thought in all kinds of expressions. But no thought has a separated identity." :bow:
Buddha said all is empty like my brain.
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