Lama Dawa Mirror Divination

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Re: Lama Dawa Mirror Divination

Post by pemachophel » Mon Sep 04, 2017 4:17 pm


Being a Bodhisatva, I know Lama Dawa would not want you to curse the Nagas or any other sentient beings. If you would like to do something for Lama Dawa's health and long life, I suggest you say His short zhab-ten (long-life) prayer:

Yeshe Dorje, Lord of the Hundred Deities,
Transforms Your body, speech, and mind into the three vajras,
Rigdzin Namgyal, victorious over the four Maras,
I pray that You remain until samsara is emptied.

Good luck & best wishes.
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Re: Lama Dawa Mirror Divination

Post by M.G. » Sat Sep 09, 2017 6:31 pm

Saoshun wrote:
M.G. wrote:One teeny caveat:

I actually received one mirror divination from Lama Dawa which turned out to be inaccurate. I'm not in the slightest trying to attack his personal character here, which I believe to be good, he just happened to err in a divination.

I believe those people I've met who testify for his uncanny insight and claim to have received stunningly accurate divinations from him, and I would not discourage anyone from seeking his counsel. I would advise applying a small grain of salt to the results of any divination, from whatever source, as my experience suggests that nothing in this zone of human experience can be absolutely relied on.

It's not that his was not inaccurate, you just changed your fate by different doings, mantras or practices and created new outcome of karmas. Mostly people who follow just karma not their own fate or discipline will have accurate to the 90% or sometimes 98% predictions. I use to predict by Mo divination or astrology.
I'm honestly not out to attack Lama Dawa, who's character I have faith in and who's accuracy I generally credit. In this particular instance, he actually made a statement about my past which was demonstrably inaccurate, so the discrepancy had nothing to do with changing my fate. I definitely encourage anyone interested in getting a divination with him. I only mention my experience because I do think there always has to be a grain of salt taken with anything in this zone of experience.

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Re: Lama Dawa Mirror Divination

Post by Ayu » Sat Sep 09, 2017 7:59 pm

Norwegian wrote:
pael wrote:Can Lama Dawa determine who is my root guru? Is answer in ''yes or no'' format? Or can I give list of options? Can answer be ''his name isn't in this list''? What if answer person isn't reachable?
from pemachophel in another thread, 10 days ago:
pemachophel wrote:Sorry to tell you but Lamas Dawa is at His home in Boudha, Nepal sick with stage 4 colon cancer. He is only seeing His personal students and friends, not even other Lamas and Tulkus who would like to meet Him.
So I do not think Lama Dawa will resume the mirror divinations.
I think, this is a good reason for locking this five year old thread now. :namaste:
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