A question on the recitation of sutras

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A question on the recitation of sutras

Postby pema.gyalwa » Sat Jul 23, 2011 8:34 pm

Hi everyone. I'm new to Pure Land Buddhism. I've already set up my shrine and have established a daily practice of chanting Amituofo.

I have a question about reciting the sutras. Are they supposed to be chanted on a daily basis, or only on certain occasions (ex. new moon & full moon; Shakyamuni's birthday & paranirvana, etc.)?


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Re: A question on the recitation of sutras

Postby LastLegend » Sun Jul 24, 2011 1:04 am

Nope. There is the suggested method by Master Chin Kung.


And chant with a pure mind and body will experience greater results in short time...by pure mind I mean we should not let the mind engage in greed, anger, and ignorance...if there is greed, practice letting go of it. if there is anger, understand why there is anger-generally it has to do with the way we think or how we see ourselves, others, expectations of ourselves and others. And ignorance means we are so deluded with the way we see and do things and without knowing that there are flaws in what we think and do things. As you can see, our mind is always engaged by greed, anger, and ignorance...in other words selfish. If we use this unpure mind to recite Amitabha, the results will not be as good.

By pure body, I mean not engaging in stealing, killing, hurting, and sexual misconducts (married but cheating for example).

As for speech, don't engage in gossips, or speech that can hurt others, let alone creating conflicts amongst groups through speech. So be mindful.

Figuratively speaking, when one decides to recite Amitabha, he/she is reciting the way of Buddhas. Buddhas are peace, selfless, and compassionate. So we have to also practice their way. So reciting Buddha means we are not reciting the 3 karma of body, speech, and mind.

Good luck.

Bodhidharma [my translation]
―I come to the East to transmit this clear knowing mind without constructing any dharma―

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Re: A question on the recitation of sutras

Postby plwk » Sun Jul 24, 2011 2:32 am

Well, liturgically speaking, in the Chinese Mahayana Pure Land Tradition, the Threefold Pure Land Sutras are recited but of all three, 'The Buddha Speaks on Amitabha Sutra: http://cttbusa.org/amitabha/amitabha.htm ' is the most popular & memorised as it is the shortest one of the three and most commonly recited in daily or alternate days liturgical morning & evening devotions in temples or homes and a signature Sutra used for funerary rites. Some temples/centres would reserve the other two Pure Land Sutras on the special days that you have mentioned. For personal devotion, there's no hard and fast rule, according to one's schedule & time availability. The special day to commemorate Amitabha Buddha is on the 17th Day of the 11th Chinese Lunar Month or 11th Dec 2011.

Some would even add for the special days as below, hence combined with the above 3, it's the 5 Sutras collection.
B. Pure Land Exhortation Sutras:
Chapter 40 Avatamsaka Sutra: http://cttbusa.org/avatamsaka/avatamsaka40.asp
Shurangama Sutra: Mahastamaprapta's Insight: http://www.sutrasmantras.info/sutra08.html

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Re: A question on the recitation of sutras

Postby pema.gyalwa » Sun Jul 24, 2011 2:53 am

Last Legend & plwk, thank you so much for answering my question. I'll check out those links right now.


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