termas found outside of asia?

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Re: termas found outside of asia?

Post by Sonam Wangchug » Thu Jan 09, 2020 4:24 am

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:good: :woohoo:

Brings up a question .... what about Europe? :D

I just know that HH. Chetsang Rinpoche discovered some Vajradakini cave in the USA and founded a nunnery near the place. The cave was and still is a holy grounds for native americans around there. But not sure if my info is correct, but more can be found in his biography.
He had quite a bit of obstacles in discovering the cave (someone slammed his hand in the car door) and had to descend dangerously down a rope with his injured hand. He said it was Local spirit/s making obstacles.

I believe there was also Sindhura found in that cave.

I also heard that the late Kunzang Dechen Lingpa described an important cave shaped like a Phurba? In VT I think he saw it in his dream.

The so called Vajrayoginī cave in the Wild River, in Bristol, VT. is right here: https://goo.gl/maps/Cve4gvc8mMw6UBFc8. It is a very popular swimming spot frequented by thousands of people every year in the summer.The bank from the road down to the river is quite steep, and the cave can only be entered by wading through the manmade pool in front of its entrance. I have been in this cave, which is located behind the waterfall in the picture, many times, and yes, this is the cave that HH Chetsang Rinpoche allegedly identified as a source of sindhura. The original source of this story is David Arndt. When asked about it, Kunzang Dechen Lingpa did not agree, and thought it was just an ordinary place with ordinary clay, not sindhura at all. David was very disappointed to hear this, and chooses still to advertise this location as a Vajrayogini place. For him and the Drigung faithful, it is such a place. For others, not so much.

As for the "cave" on Deer Leap Rock (http://obscurevermont.com/wp-content/up ... 59_pe1.jpg), KDL did not have a dream about it, he just thought there was a cave up there, and when Pema Wangdi and David went up to investigate, sure enough there was a rock overhang that might serve as a cave with some improvements. I was in Lincoln the day they reported discovering a cave up there, though did not walk up there myself, as I was busy attending KDL. KDL thought that if there was a cave up there, as he suspected, it would be a good place to do retreat, having spent many years as a wandering mendicant before finally settling down in Rangapara, Assam. Also, I was in the car with KDL when he first noticed the rock face and opined it might have a cave. It was a result of his yogi's eye, and not a dream, that led to the discovery of that cave. He never mentioned anything about phurpas in relationship to that cave in my hearing. But I was not with him 24/7/365.

As far as Lincoln, VT. itself goes, however, it is the first place in the US where Kalu Rinpoche had a place, and has hosted many lamas over the years, principally Kagyu and Nyingma Lamas. It is a very special town, one of the most impressive towns in VT, from the point of view of its views and location. Some places one can look right down the valley and see Lake Champlain. The mountain range behind it has the appearance of a women lying on her side in repose, and Mt. Abe has the distinct shape of a breast. On eastern side of these mountains are a number of ski resorts, like Mad River Glen, etc. I am actually looking at Mt. Abe as I write this to you. So, sindhura or not, Lincoln VT. is a special place, where I have received many wonderful teachings from fantastic gurus, and that is really the main point.
Thanks for clarifying about the caves in VT.

Nice to see you back around here
"To have confidence in the teacher is the ultimate refuge." -Rigzin Jigme Lingpa

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Re: termas found outside of asia?

Post by Lingpupa » Thu Jan 09, 2020 10:28 am

Talking of places, I would not consider myself qualified to say exactly what forces are at work here, but there is a place, the "Stretti di Giaredo" in my corner of Tuscany that gives me a sense of magic I have felt in very few other places in the world. It feels like a living cathedral. To access it, you need waterproof shoes and to feel happy wading and swimming in very cold water, sometimes moving a little fast. And you should not go alone, if only for that fact that it would be only too easy to break a leg, and even if you have a waterproof case for your mobile there would be zero reception. In the summer there are quite a few people in the lower reaches, but even at the height of the season you can be almost alone up there. And I can tell you, that standing under the waterfall pictured (it's about half way up) is *an experience*. :smile:

Unfortunately my ngagpa teacher apparently isn't allowed into Italy, or I might try to get him to make a visit one year.

Tripadvisor has a page about it at https://www.tripadvisor.it/Attraction_R ... scany.html
All the best
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