Retreat with Mindroling Jetsunma Aug 29 to Sep 11

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Retreat with Mindroling Jetsunma Aug 29 to Sep 11

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Event : Vajrayana and Dzogchen Retreat with Mindroling Jetsunma
Date : August 29 to September 11
Venue : Lotus Garden
Address : 1991, Pine Grove Rd,Stanley, VA 22851, USA
Website : ... t-2011.cfm" onclick=";return false;
Programme :

Entering the Vajrayana

From August 29-31st , during the beginning of the Entering the Vajrayana program, Rinpoche will be reviewing the several essential teachings of the Mahayana. Also known as the Greater Vehicle, the Mahayana contains topics which teach how we might fully realize our intrinsic wisdom and skilful means for the benefit of others.

The first of these topics is the Four Immeasurables, the meditations on boundless equanimity, love, compassion, and joy. Rinpoche will continue her teachings with a commentary on Parting from the Four Attachments, a renowned text written by the great master of the Sakya School, Sachen Künga Nyingpo, and conclude these Mahayana teachings with the Four Dharmas of Gampopa, an essential text written by this great master of the Kagyü school.

During the remainder of Entering the Vajrayana, HE Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche will be bestowing detailed teachings on the creation and completion stages of Vajrayana. During this period, Rinpoche will be bestowing the empowerment, reading transmission, and commentary of Vajrayogini (Thröma Nagmo).

Dzogchen Retreat

During the Dzogchen Retreat, HE Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche will be teaching a variety of essential pith instructions from the compiled works of Chögyal Terdak Lingpa (the renowned master and founder of Mindrolling Monastery), the great scholar Lochen Dharmashri, and so forth.As in past years, we will also continuing with our various studies of liturgy, torma, and instruments throughout the retreat.

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