No unwholesomeness, no suffering

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No unwholesomeness, no suffering

Postby Thug4lyfe » Sat Aug 27, 2011 3:35 am

Here is a Internet Chinese article I've translated if anyone is interested. It's quite long so I will split into 2 different posts.

It's compiled from various sources from the internet.

If the mind has no unwholesomeness, then there is no suffering

The Buddha sees everyone as buddhas. The Demon sees everyone as demons
See our own shortcomings from other people's mistakes

"If the mind has no unwholesomeness, then there is no suffering"
"If a very wholesome person, then why am I plagued by suffering and vexation?"
(Composed from internet sources)

When I first took refuge under the triple gem, my mind still constantly suffers from unknown reasons. Because I don't have a deep understanding of my mind and the theory of it’s working, I constantly have doubts concerning cause and effects.

I once consulted with a Highly Cultivated Venerable Master:
"Is the law of Cause and Effect real? If it's true, then why does a wholesome person like me suffer constantly? While other unwholesome people lives happy lives?"

The Venerable Master looked at me compassionately:
"The Law of Cause and Effect were truth spoken by Sakyamuni Buddha, It's entirely true, not a single aspect is false! If a person suffers internally, it would indicate that person's mind still contain the duality of unwholesomeness. If a person's mind contains no unwholesomeness, then this person's mind would not suffer at all. So, based on this reasoning, since you still suffer, it means you still possess unwholesomeness, hence not truly a wholesome person. And those people you consider "unwholesome" may not actually be unwholesome people. If a person can still live happily, it would at least show they are not entirely unwholesome."

I responded indignantly:
"How can I be a unwholesome person?! My mind is always wholesome!"

The Venerable Master said:
“If the mind has no unwholesomeness then there is no suffering, since your mind suffers, it would mean you still contain unwholesomeness. Please tell me all your suffering, then I can explain to you what unwholesomeness your mind still contains.”

I said:
“I have so much suffering! I sometimes feel my wages are too low and my house is too cramped. I constantly feel the “pressure of life”, so constantly feels unhappy, and would like to quickly change my current situation. There are uneducated and un-cultured people in society, yet they managed to be successful and rich, I feel very indignant over this! But a cultured and educated person like me can only manage to earn such a meager living, it’s totally unfair! My family members do not always listen to my good advice, it makes me very annoyed.” And so forth, I’ve told the Venerable Master many of my complaints of suffering.

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Re: No unwholesomeness, no suffering

Postby Thug4lyfe » Sat Aug 27, 2011 4:40 am

The Venerable Master nodded while he smiled, in fact, his smiled grew more serene. He replied to me kindly:
“Currently, your wage is enough to support you and your family. Your whole family also has a house to live in, and do not have to live on the street. While the house is a little bit small, there is really no reason why you need to be miserable. But, because your mind possesses Greed for money and housing, hence you suffer. This mind of Greediness is a kind of unwholesome mind. If you can eliminate this unwholesome Greedy mind, you would not suffer over these matters.”
“You feel in dignified over “un-cultured” people getting rich is because of your jealous mind. Jealous mind is also an unwholesome mind. You think you are educated and cultured hence you should get higher pay, that is the arrogant mind, arrogant mind is also an unwholesome mind. Thinking being cultured and educated deserves wealth, that is the ignorant/delusional mind. Because being cultured and educated aren’t the causes for gaining wealth. Being generous and practicing giving from the previous life are the causes for gaining wealth in the current life. The ignorant/delusional mind is also a form of unwholesome mind.”
“If you’re annoyed your family members do not take your advice, that is the intolerant mind. Even though they are your family, they still have their own ideas and views, why force them to have the same ideas and views as yourself? Without tolerance, the mind grows narrower, and the narrow mind is also unwholesome.”

The Venerable Master continued with a smile:
“Whether it’s the mind of Greed, jealousy, arrogance, ignorance/delusion or intolerance, they are all unwholesome minds. Because your mind still possesses these unwholesomeness, hence, you will have suffering in duality to these unwholesomeness.”
“If you can completely uproot these unwholesomeness, then all your suffering will evaporate like the fog. You should use a mind of joyfulness and satisfaction to look at your income and your house! You should think that you have not died of hunger or the cold. Even though rich people have more money than you, they also have not died from hunger or the cold.”
“You should see that one’s happiness does not depend on exterior wealth, but depends on one’s attitude to life. You should grasp every second of your life. Use optimism, peacefulness and diligent attitudes to replace your Greediness. Then your mind will gradually become happier.”
“If un-cultured and uneducated people become rich, you should be happy for them! You should wish them more wealth and happiness. When other person receives, you should be happy like as if you’re the one who is receiving. When others looses, you should feel sad as if you have lost something as well. Only then can you be called a real wholesome person! But right now if other people’s wealth and happiness surpasses your own, you’re unhappy, this is the jealous mind. The jealous mind is a very unwholesome mind; you need to diligently eliminate this mind! You should use the joyful mind to replace the jealous mind.”
“When you think you have surpassed others in some area, you start to think highly of yourself, that’s the arrogant mind. An old saying goes ‘A mountain of arrogance will not generate the water of merits’. When a person is arrogance he will not be able to see his short comings. Hence he cannot see his unwholesomeness, thus not able to correct them. Hence, an arrogant person has blocked the door of progress. Furthermore, arrogant people are constantly depressed, which will eventually develop into low self-esteem.”
“A person should development humbleness from the depth of their heart. Willingly to always put themselves in a position of modesty. Then your mind can feel fulfilled and at peace.”
“But ordinary people do not understand the law of Cause of Effects. They mistakenly view the cause for “planting a watermelon” for the cause of “planting a pea”. They then further confuse the cause of “harvesting a pea” with the cause of “harvesting a watermelon”. This is the action of ignorance/delusion.”
“Only through the wisdom gained from diligent practice of the Dharma, can a person really understand every phenomenon’s cause and effects. Then we can develop a mind of brightness, and know how to use our thoughts, speech and action. Only then, can we move from brightness to brightness, from happiness to happiness.”
“Emptiness of space can accept everything, hence it’s expansive and without boundaries, and carefree without obstructions. The earth can contain everything; hence it’s full of life and exhibit many phenomenon.”
“When a person lives in the world, he should not carelessly be annoyed and intolerant to other people’s speech and action. Even if it’s a relative, we should not be forceful with our views, be at ease and carefree. If a person’s mind can be like emptiness of space and accept everything, how can that person possibly suffer?”

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Re: No unwholesomeness, no suffering

Postby Thug4lyfe » Sat Aug 27, 2011 4:41 am

After the Venerable Master finished speaking, he continued to look at me with compassionate and kind eyes. I was silent for a long time, while streaks of tear rolled down my eyes.
Back then I always thought I was a wholesome person, but today I’ve finally realized what kind of unwholesome person I really am!
Because my mind is full of unwholesomeness, hence I suffer constantly. If my mind has no unwholesomeness, how could I suffer?

Thank you Venerable Master! Thank you Buddha!
If it wasn’t for the Venerable Master’s teaching and the Buddha’s kindness, I may never know the unwholesomeness of my mind!

Suffering does not come from lacking things, but comes from the mind. If the mind is not greedy, there is no suffering.

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