Being present

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Being present

Post by ElSexyBuda » Fri Oct 14, 2011 5:53 pm

Being present doesn't exactly mean where your feet are planted. Many times in conversations about anything, everything and nothing, there comes a point where it is able to watch participants go from where they/we are in the present, to some off in the distance mental state coupled at times with a looking elsewhere stare, the give away. This happens daily in all of our lives, our families do it, our friends and we do it too. Noticing this about ourselves is not the easiest thing to do, noticing this trip away in others is easy to do especially if you are the type of person who pays close attention to whom you are interacting with, and not to mention the more there is known about the person on Vaca. the easier the read is. Bringing oneself or another back from the distant present is the only way to remain present, sorry to repeat myself, this is not the easiest thing to do.

The present distance at times appears proportioned to the depth of the conversation, deeper the conversations about whatever the topic is, the further we can go away, the greater the push we have to gain momentum and leave the physicality of feet behind. During our short vacations, we are still projecting the physical presence as being there in the conversation as an accurate representation of oneself, while leaving the feet behind and going off in one thoughts and emotions often brought on by the topic of discussion. Leaving the feet behind is something we do without noticing we are doing it. When we do it and when we choose to do it, are very different. As for myself, my drift is mainly that of surfing, and the waves are always good. That occurs within myself when there is little stimuli about and it is always easiest to lose track of the present and stay surfing, When with others, my presence is in the forefront of consciousness, if I go for a jaunt in those times, unlike going surfing during the doldrums, I pull myself quickly as I can back to where my feet are standing and to the interaction.

It would be rather interesting to be able to discuss hitting the triggers that are often the cause for when other people travel away from their feet, making them travel with key words along with directing where they travel. but, even the Dr. Frankenstein within myself will not allow me to assemble that monster. Although I have practiced this technique many times over, in theory only. I had never once done this to anyone whom I was having a conversation with.

Knowing that we all have this power, the power of suggestion, we tend to not use this ability to it's fullest potential. We make statements that are backed with the intention of making others feel good and peaceful. But, why not watch the opposite?, especially if we can do so? Projecting oneself across the Earth to go surf a break that had never been surfed before, is in itself a peaceful journey, but add the issue of shark infested waters and that peaceful journey is now a ride to survive. Embracing only the good of what we want doesn't help us get in touch with ourselves, let alone another being that dwells outside of our singular physical form. If we are ever going to be able to understand oneself and others, we have to be able see through the eyes of others, even it that means we are to see ourselves and our short-comings through eyes that are not our own. In the way others envision each of us. and see us, we see ourselves differently. One person sees me as tall, another sees me as physically fit while another sees the muscles that are weaker than the rest on my body. All valid points of view, all from without myself depicting me, and quite accurately. We are shown our inabilities through how others interact steadily with us and how they also go for short vacations during interaction.

Is that a state of just being present or present in being?
Watching your life, is like watching a hummingbird, you will inevitably blink and miss what is happening.

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Re: Being present

Post by Cobotis » Sat Oct 15, 2011 2:01 am

Very interesting view and explanation.. :-)

Another way to understand presence is to realize that there is never a time in which you are not present regardless of all happenings and/or phenomena that may occur. The incidents of the wandering mind that project and infer are only in the present... the illusion of not being present can only occur through miss-identification and/or attachment... One should seek understanding through the inquiry of who/what we truly are....

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