Practice idea to deal with desbelief while recitating

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Practice idea to deal with desbelief while recitating

Post by Nosta » Fri Oct 14, 2011 9:39 pm

Sometimes i have doubts about the amaizing reality that is the existence of Amitabha and his Pure Land.

Sometimes such soubts arise when i am doing recitations with scatered mind.

So, i have a little trick that could even be useful in the moment of death, when one is in the need to have a focused mind on the recitation. My idea is just observe,while meditating, the mental sensation of "not believing". When you i have such desilusion moments where i think that Pure Land is just a fantasie, i will just not let tought to "catch me" and i will just look at the sensations...what do i feel when i am sad for not believing or for finding that it may be a lie? I feel some heavyness on my stomach and on my mind, i feel specific things on my body. So, on next time you start to feel such things, just observe them with a lucid mind, and dont attach yourself to that mental pain. Its like thinking "sensations are just sensations", be it a sensation of itch or sadness.
With practice you will be quick to "note" such mental stuff i suppose ( at least i feel myself quicker at doing this) and to come back to the recitation.

Who know if such practice and training may get useful on moment of death.

If you have others ideas you can share with us here :)

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Re: Practice idea to deal with desbelief while recitating

Post by Thug4lyfe » Wed Oct 19, 2011 9:26 am

I think it just takes time. I develope doubts every time I read about the benefits of Medicine Buddha of Pure crystal radiance one year ago. But now I find that my doubt have decreased dramatically whenever I read about the benefits of reciting Buddha and Bodhisattva names, and making offerings.

Maybe it just shows that our minds are slowly being purified and getting more simple as we practice? Not so attached to to the biased views of athiesm and "scientific proof" obstruction anymore?

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