Benefits of Jastug Rilbu, Rainbow Body Pill

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Benefits of Jastug Rilbu, Rainbow Body Pill

Post by phantom59 » Tue Oct 18, 2011 4:30 pm

The holy grass called Tsa Lu-du-Dorjee, found in the holy place of Tsari (the pure land of ChakraSamvara or Demchok Khorlo) in remote Tibet, is considered to be the most rare and precious for realizing Nyongdrol (liberation by taste). It is a widely witnessed phenomenon in Tsari that when wild animals die, a miraculous rainbow appear over their body. The people thus believe that these wild animals had the good karma to consume the holy grass and were now reborn in the Pure Land.

In our Dongyud Pelden Drukpa Lineage, the very same holy grass is used as one of the main ingredients to prepare the Rainbow-Pill or Jastug Rilbu (meaning the pill which realizes the rainbow body or Chokey Jalue). The legend holds that this grass can only be found by the reincarnations of the Gyalwang Drukpa as they are the incarnations of Chenrezig. Thus, the Rainbow-Pill is exclusive to the Drukpa Lineage.

The other important ingredient used in the making of the Rainbow-Pills is the remains of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. In the practice of the six paramitas, Bodhisattvas accumulate great merit by various means which includes giving away possessions, body and even their lives. They dedicate the merits from these actions to benefit beings not only while alive but also after they have passed away through the remains of their body. This is why the forms of Deities, Mani syllables and Ringsel appear on the mortal remains of Great Masters. These manifestations generate in beings a profound respect for the law of Karma and support their development of devotion and understanding on the path.

The production of the Rainbow-Pills amalgamates many sacred objects: the Tsa Lu due Dorjee; the sacred remains of enlightened beings; nectar from Guru Padma Sambhava and numerous other holy items which are mixed together. This is consecrated by the rites of the deity ChakraSamvara (Demchok Khorlo) for a certain period of time until the signs of blessings emanate from the pills such as bright lights, fragrant scents and flames.

It is stated in the sutras that if one consumes or wears the Jatsug Rilbu with complete devotion, one will realize the Ultimate truth of Mahamudra or Shunyata. It is also a cure for sicknesses, protection from poisons and weapons, purification of the senses and of benefit in various other ways which includes prevention of rebirth in the three lower realms.

The efficacy of the pills is dependent on the level of devotion and understanding. The blessing of the pills is based on the truth of interdependence. One cannot close all the doors and windows and still expect the sun's ray to shine through.

Traditionally, these Damzey or holy pills are given at the death-bed. The regret that the dying person feels for the utter uselessness of one's lifelong activities along with the empathy of compassion for those of similar fate and the experience of devotion generated by the teachings and holy objects combine to develop a very powerful positive karma. This can result in being born in the Pure Lands created by Buddha's' prayer. Therefore in Tibet, people came from far and wide to obtain this Jatsug Rilbu, also known as the Drukpa's Rainbow-Pill. Those who consumed it died with a peace of mind and the confidence that they would not be re-born in the lower realm!

The merits of these pills, as the manifestation of the Buddhas, are equal to prostrating and making offerings to the Buddha.

This is just a short and inconclusive introduction to the benefits of the Rainbow-Pill as the benefits of just one of the holy remains that constitutes it is immeasurable. ... 41&lang=en" onclick=";return false;

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Re: Benefits of Jastug Rilbu, Rainbow Body Pill

Post by Rakz » Thu Oct 20, 2011 3:58 am

How can one get these pills?

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Re: Benefits of Jastug Rilbu, Rainbow Body Pill

Post by narraboth » Fri Oct 21, 2011 4:18 pm

I think it's a bit easy to be confused:

The really very famous Ja-zhung-ril-bu, are made by gyalwang drukpa with his own hands, and not every gyalwang drukpa made those. I have heard that the last gyalwang drukpa making the pills was the 10th gyalwang drukpa. The ingradients were offered by dakini or taken by rinpoche himself miracally.

The very rare and limited original ja-zhung ma were used as 'mother pills' for many also precious pills. I think drukpa leaders (including khamtrul rinpoche in Bhutan) can make pill also called ja-thung ma, also very good, but probably not the same as the original defined ones.

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Re: Benefits of Jastug Rilbu, Rainbow Body Pill

Post by Karma Yeshe Gyaltsen » Fri Nov 04, 2011 4:51 am

Indeed these are remarkable pills. They cure an illness that the patient does not really have.

But since the patient imagines the illness, faith in the pills helps overcome this mind illness.

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