Twelve links and the chromosomes

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Twelve links and the chromosomes

Post by Aemilius » Mon Jan 09, 2012 12:34 pm

The third link consciousness (vijñana) means: 1. rebirth linking consciousness and 2. repository consciousness( alaya-vijñana).

The fourth link name and form (nama-rupa) means the embryo of the body of this life, thus it also means the chromosomes that you inherit from your parents.

The links 5.( six senses), 6.(contact) and so on.. to the link 9.(grasping) describe how the embryo grows, how the infant gains experience of the world through the senses, and how the person develops through the whole of his life.

Tenth link becoming (bhava) is the resultant phase of this life, it includes the bardo of dying, the bardo of Dharmata and the bardo of taking rebirth. The word becoming (bhava) is understood to mean antarabhava which is sanskrit for bardo.

Eleventh link birth (jati) is taking a new life, a new embryo with new chromosomes.

It is possible to attain enlightenment in the tenth link becoming and to become a Buddha in the Dharmakaya and in the Sambhogakaya.
In the eleventh link, birth, you can attain a birth through transformation in a Pureland, or in a Devarealm,
i.e through a seed syllable and a lotus flower, as an example.
This requires that you transform the links 8.( desire) and 9.(grasping) into morality, meditation and wisdom. This means that you desire morality (sila), meditation (dhyana/samadhi) and wisdom (prajña), and you grasp the three trainings (morality etc..).
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