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*I Like to throw a view on the Cham dance which has great importance in the history of Tantric practices.

The dance of the three side dagger.

King Trisong Deutsen asked the help of a skilful monk called Shantarakshita to destroy the negative forces from the Bön tradition, which was at that time not like Bön now is known. But Shantarakshita hadn't enough power to do so. He could not undo the magic of Bön and asked the help of an in that time welknowed tantric adept who was living in Uddiyana and who was called Padmasambhava, the lotus Born.

He could subdue what needed to be subdued, could destroy what needed to be destroyed. He was skillful in secret teachings which were called terma's, could neutralize poisons, had very clear visions, was great in tumo or generating heat for the body and had no any problem with lung gom pa or yogic running.

When he arrived in Tibet he decided to build up the monastery Samye. Before doing so, he performed his dance to pacify the area and so the powers of the Bön mountain god and spirits. The purifying energy of the Vajrakilaya dance chased the bad spirits into a skull on the top of a pyramid made of dough.

Padmasambhava, or Guru Rinpoche, cleared with his dance all obstacles away and he could build the monastery.

The dansers are keeping a skull and scarf, tied to eachother and attached at the purba, a dagger of three sides. The scarf is symbol for compassion, the skull is showing the impermanence of all appearances. The purba (Kilya) itself is for the qualities of body, speech and mind and it's three sides are symbols for passion, aggression and ignorance.

In the Bön tradition was there use of animal offering. The offerings aren't erased but are only symbolic like by the use of substances of the body like some urine, semen and so on. Also as symbol of these animal offerings to undo negativities, is the torma, a ritual cake made by roasted barley with beautiful sculpted forms of butter. Many other Cham followed.

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*Om Benzar Kilikilaya Sarwa Bignan Bam Hung Phat
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