Tibetan Ecology Foundation says "Quit Coral"

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Tibetan Ecology Foundation says "Quit Coral"

Post by Mr. G » Sun Feb 19, 2012 1:25 pm

Tibetan Ecology Foundation says "Quit Coral"

The Tibetan Ecology Foundation has called on Tibetans to stop the use of coral. This is interesting because coral had somehow failed to get the attention of Tibetans stopping the use of endangered species products in the past.

The Tibetan Ecology Foundation has sent an e-mail about this yesterday, which is copied below for readers of the Tibetan Plateau blog. The text is in Tibetan. It emphasizes the importance of coral reef ecosystem for fish and other aquatic life forms, and mentions that scientists expect that half of world's coral reef to disappear by the year 2030. As users of coral, the Tibetan people, the message continues, can play a role in the protection of the world's coral reefs.

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Re: Tibetan Ecology Foundation says "Quit Coral"

Post by Aemilius » Wed Feb 22, 2012 11:19 am

In Índia much of what sold as "coral" is in fact artifical coral, they can make very convincing artifial coral,- beads that are really like genuine coral. But it wouldn't sell so good (to say it).

Himalayan mountains were in ancient times sea bed, and therefore roughly hundred million years old coral has been found in the Himalayas. That kind of coral doesn't directly threaten the present coral reefs in the sea.
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