Nine Yanas Retreat with Phakchok Rinpoche Mar 17-23

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Nine Yanas Retreat with Phakchok Rinpoche Mar 17-23

Post by phantom59 » Thu Dec 15, 2011 3:57 pm

Event : Nine Yanas Retreat with Phakchok Rinpoche
Date : March 17 - 23, 2012
Venue : Pal Kagyud Shedrup Tashi Dhargay Phuntsok Ling
Address : Tinchuli, Kathmandu, Nepal
Website : ... vents.html" onclick=";return false;
US$ 450
US$ 250 discounted price for registered students
This includes all meals, tea and snacks, and the necessary study and practice texts and materials.
All proceeds from the programme will go to Rinpoche’s projects.
Programme :
The Sanskrit word ‘yana’ means vehicle, a set of teachings that when practiced ‘carry’ one to the level of fruition. Buddha Shakyamuni taught a huge variety of teachings in order to tame the array of different sentient beings with their individual capacities and inclinations. This vast range of teachings can be condensed into the gradual path of the nine yanas or vehicles.

Study and Practice Materials
Phakchok Rinpoche’s teachings on the nine yanas follow a series of books containing collections of texts that have been compiled specifically for this purpose. These collections include words of the Buddha and texts by Indian panditas and Tibetan mahasiddhas, and cover the view, meditation, conduct, and fruition of each yana. Moreover, there’s a specific sadhana for each yana with a specific mantra, a specific tangka, and so on. These sadhanas are called the Rigsum Nyingtik in Tibetan (the Heart Essence of the Three Enlightened Families), and are a branch teaching of the Three Sections of the Great Perfection, a very famous text revealed by the supreme treasure revealer Chokgyur Lingpa.

For more information on the nine yanas, please go to" onclick=";return false;.

This extraordinary Vajra Claw chakra contains four sacred dharanis (mantras and chants), each of which has extraordinary blessings and benefits mentioned by Buddha himself. These four dharanis have been printed in the small text in this chakra, laminated, and sealed in a silver case. Simply by wearing the chakra, many obstacles, illnesses, and harmful influences will be averted, and one will experience many other benefits as well.

The first of the four dharanis is Avalokiteshvara’s dharani. It says in the dharani text itself that if one has respect and devotion towards this dharani, one’s non-virtue (even the five evil deeds of immediate retribution) will be purified; one will not be born in the three lower realms, in the eight un-free states, or in painful situations; and one will be freed of the harm of all illnesses and malicious spirits.

The second dharani is the Noble Dharani of Averting Harm from Others. It has the power to dispel enemies, quarrels, and disputes; to prevent one from becoming paralysed, depressed, or confused; to clear away one’s non-virtue; and dispel the harm of poison, fire, plagues, robbers, floods, snakes, bad dreams, and malicious spirits. It can also protect oneself and others, and entire villages, towns, cities, and valleys.

The third dharani is the Noble King of the Family Mantras, the Great Reliever. It is said in the text that by just wearing this dharani on one’s head or around one’s neck or just holding it, all illnesses caused by imbalances of the fundamental elements of wind, bile, phlegm and their combinations will be healed.

The fourth and main dharani in this chakra is the Vajra Claw. The benefits of this dharani are quite extraordinary. It is said in the text that by reciting this dharani, one will be born into countries ruled by dharma kings and countries that do not engage in evil deeds; one will always encounter positive situations; always be accompanied by virtuous companions; have healthy sense faculties and limbs; have tamed conduct; one’s discipline and samayas will not degenerate; one’s offering substances and belongings will not be stolen; one will always be respected by others; one will have an abundance of wealth and enjoyments; accomplish all one’s aims; be protected by all the dharma protectors; always encounter virtuous spiritual friends; hear the dharma and practise it; be endowed with the fifteen excellent qualities; and not die in the fifteen terrible ways. It will also help protect from natural disasters like earthquakes and floods. On top of this, you will be free from illnesses created by external conditions, and even though illnesses may occur due to karma they will be quickly healed; you will be attractive to many people; obtain wealth and not have your wealth stolen; you will be free of fear of enemies; your family line will flourish; you will have a long life; have strength; have respect for sacred teachers and enjoy the dharma; and be protected constantly by the vajra dakinis.

There are two types of illnesses and harmful illnesses that we speak of: those that arise due to one’s karma and those that arise due to external conditions. While dharanis and blessings cannot counteract illnesses and so on that are due to one’s own negative karma, they can certainly help reduce them. Illnesses and harm from external conditions however can be counteracted by these dharanis and by other blessings. Please remember that while these dharanis can help reduce obstacles in your life, in order to be liberated from samsara, you must continue to accumulate merit through virtuous deeds and develop wisdom through diligent practice.

Vajra Claw : ... -obstacles" onclick=";return false;

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Re: Nine Yanas Retreat with Phakchok Rinpoche Mar 17-23

Post by Merely Labeled » Mon Feb 20, 2012 4:43 am

The costs were reduced according to ... nepal.html" onclick=";return false;

The Nine Yana Retreat is at Nagi Gompa, the hermitage of late Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche, a lovely place overlooking the Kathmandu Valley.



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