Puja Text Collection by Khenpo Karma Namgyal. Karma Lekshey

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Puja Text Collection by Khenpo Karma Namgyal. Karma Lekshey

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Dear Friends,

I would like to a share few words on behalf of my project. Since my childhood i have been in the monastery where i was granted almost everything for free. As a token of appreciation and also seeing the importance of preserving Karma Kagyu texts, I have devoted my time to this great project to preserve and make available this work.

Through many years I have been working on Karma Kagyu texts in Tibetan language. My motivation behind this project is to serve those who are keen on learning the philosophy, arts and science of the ancient Karma Kagyu lineage not to mention our shared interest in preservation.

This project will take immense time; due to the vast context of the lineage and that I work alone. I have begun my project with the texts that are being practiced at Karma Lekshey Ling Institute. Therefore I extend my thanks to the students of Karma Lekshey Ling Inst. who helped me to type and proof read these texts.

I am using the TibetDoc. program because I’m more comfortable with that. If you don’t have it, you can open them with Acrobat Reader in PDF format. (You can find the links in the bottom of this page) If you find any mistakes, please do not hesitate to contact me. This will contribute to the improvement of this project.

The content is made up of:

1. Recitations and chants (puja texts collection) in pecha (script) style.
2. Study-subjects collection in normal layout.
3. Various texts collection and other information regarding Dharma activities are in both pecha and normal layout.

I’m also planning to offer the puja texts in other languages in the future.
I hope this will be of benefit to those who really need it, especially those who are far away from the Tibetan Karma Kagyu Libraries.

Thank you very much for your time and attention.
Khenpo Karma Namgyal. Karma Lekshey Ling Institute 14 August, 2006

http://www.dharmadownload.net/pages/eng ... loads.html

Dri Med Bshags Rgyud
http://www.dharmadownload.net/pages/eng ... a_0035.htm

Sdig Bshags Gser Gyi Spu Gri (Digshag)
http://www.dharmadownload.net/pages/eng ... a_0034.htm

Karling Zhithro
http://www.dharmadownload.net/pages/eng ... a_0033.htm

Rje Btsan Bye Lan Gyi Lo Rgyus Dang Gsol Mchod Bya Tshul Lha Gling Gi Cong Sgra Dang/ Taiwan La Mkho Ba'i Bsang Gi Yi Ge Dge Legs Char Sprin Dang/ Gzhan Yang Mnga' Gsol Dang 'Jig Rten P'i Gtor Ma Bcas Bzhungs
http://www.dharmadownload.net/pages/eng ... a_0032.htm

Bsang Mchod Bdud Rtsi Sprin Phung Bkra Shis Char 'Bebs
http://www.dharmadownload.net/pages/eng ... a_0031.htm

Gnod Sbyin Lha Mang Gi 'Khrul 'Khor Bca' Sgrub Kyi Lag Len Rnam Gsal Du Bkod Pa Rin Chen Rdzing Bu
http://www.dharmadownload.net/pages/eng ... a_0030.htm

The Set of Four Hundred Offerings (brgya bzhi) found by Terton Pema Lingpa
http://www.dharmadownload.net/pages/eng ... a_0029.htm

"Kagyu Gurtso" The ocean of the yogic songs of the Kagyu lineage
http://www.dharmadownload.net/pages/eng ... a_0028.htm

Chigshey Kundrol by 9th Karmapa Wangchuk Dorje
http://www.dharmadownload.net/pages/eng ... a_0027.htm

Medium Mahakala Puja.
http://www.dharmadownload.net/pages/eng ... a_0026.htm

Taksham Tobum from Rigon Monastery.
http://www.dharmadownload.net/pages/eng ... a_0025.htm

http://www.dharmadownload.net/pages/eng ... a_0024.htm

Karma Pashi Wangchog by TenNyi Yungdrung Lingpa.
http://www.dharmadownload.net/pages/eng ... a_0023.htm

Drolma Yuldhog.
http://www.dharmadownload.net/pages/eng ... a_0022.htm

Taksham Chochod from Rigon Monastery.
http://www.dharmadownload.net/pages/eng ... a_0021.htm

Long Puja of White Tara "Dolkar".
http://www.dharmadownload.net/pages/eng ... a_0020.htm

Rabney; Ritual "consecration" of a place, image, etc.
http://www.dharmadownload.net/pages/eng ... a_0019.htm

Milarepa Puja with German Language.
http://www.dharmadownload.net/pages/eng ... a_0018.htm

Eight Auspicious prayer by Mipham Rinpoche.
http://www.dharmadownload.net/pages/eng ... a_0017.htm

"ChakraSamvara puja" Khorlo Demchok Puja collection.
http://www.dharmadownload.net/pages/eng ... a_0016.htm

Daily Puja for Theksum Tashi Choling
http://www.dharmadownload.net/pages/eng ... a_0015.htm

Jampal Tsanjod.
http://www.dharmadownload.net/pages/eng ... a_0014.htm

Amitabha Puja "Yodchog".
http://www.dharmadownload.net/pages/eng ... a_0013.htm

Tara puja from "Chig Shey Kundrol" by 9th Karmapa Wangchuk Dorje.
http://www.dharmadownload.net/pages/eng ... a_0012.htm

Dzambhala puja from "Chig Shey Kundrol" by 9th Karmapa Wangchuk Dorje.
http://www.dharmadownload.net/pages/eng ... a_0011.htm

Chakchen Ngondro.
http://www.dharmadownload.net/pages/eng ... a_0010.htm

Gyalwa Gyamtso; Red Chenrezig Puja.
http://www.dharmadownload.net/pages/eng ... a_0009.htm

Phagmo; VajraYogini Puja.
http://www.dharmadownload.net/pages/eng ... a_0008.htm

A collection of puja texts; Chochod.
http://www.dharmadownload.net/pages/eng ... a_0007.htm

Zhisum; The Foundations of Discipline Ceremonies Compiled by Situ Tenzin Nginjed and Jamgon Kongtrul Yonten Gyamtso.
http://www.dharmadownload.net/pages/eng ... a_0006.htm

Drodhon Khachapma; the ChenreZig Puja
http://www.dharmadownload.net/pages/eng ... a_0005.htm

Drimay Lamjug; the Stupa Puja.
http://www.dharmadownload.net/pages/eng ... a_0004.htm

Dzambhala Puja.
http://www.dharmadownload.net/pages/eng ... a_0003.htm

Short Konchok Chidue; the Guru Rinpoche Puja.
http://www.dharmadownload.net/pages/eng ... a_0002.htm

Jamyang Drubthab the Manjushiri Puja.
http://www.dharmadownload.net/pages/eng ... a_0001.htm

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