Nyungney at the Wochen Thukje Choeling

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Nyungney at the Wochen Thukje Choeling

Post by phantom59 » Sun May 02, 2010 6:24 pm

According to Rinpoche, if the practice is observed and carried out sincerely, it is believed to remove one's negative elements, sins, negative karma, accumulating positive karma and rebirth, avoid violence, conflicts and even wars.

In 1966, after his fourth year in Nepal, Drubthob Rinpoche started the practices of Nyungney at the Wochen Thukje Choeling monastery at Swayambhu, Kathmandu.

However, the Dharmachakra Monastery was not big enough to accommodate the practitioners whose number kept ever increasing. Therefore, with the kind donation from various sources, Rinpoche established a new Monastery nearby which came to be known as Woechen ThukJe Choeling Monastery. It’s situated on the hill opposite to “Swoyambhunath Stupa”. In the neighborhood below these two monasteries are Manjushri temple, enshrining Manjushri’s throne and a stupa dedicated of Kasyapa Buddha.

Nyungney is a simple religious observance carried out with fasting on every alternative day of the course. A day of fasting followed by a day of non-fasting combines to make a pair of days (chha) of the Nyungney. The duration or the number of such paired days depends on the importance of the Nyungney. Altogether six Nyungney practices are observed in a year.

On the day of the fasting, the devotee is subjected to self-penance where he or she is not to eat, drink, speak, or even swallow one's own saliva and will follow a very particular routine for the day. These practices of the Nyungney have always been carried out under the personal direction of the Rinpoche even till today.

" I have been conducting and practicing Nyungney all these decades for the restoration of a harmonious human society and for the well being of every sentient being in this world, and I shall always continue to do so".

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