An extremely beautiful treasure of practitioners

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An extremely beautiful treasure of practitioners

Post by Drolma » Mon Apr 20, 2009 10:15 pm


"The third wisdom is not just study learned from school which is analyzed and that's all; you have to apply the knowledge to your own heart and mind. You need to transform yourself into Dharma, and turn your mind into wisdom.
Your mind and the Dharma should not be two different things. You yourself must become one with wisdom. All of the teachings and any Dharma which you have received from the outside are meant to nourish you to the point where you become one with those studies, and merge yourself with that wisdom state. This is known as the wisdom of meditation.
Having studied and analyzed the teaching sufficiently, you've got it, and you become no different than that wisdom state. This is the realization gained from meditation practice. You can deepen this wisdom through the practice of shamatha and vipassana meditation according to the general buddhist teachings and then specifically in the Vajrayana, this wisdom is matured through the visualization and completion stage practices or Dzogchen meditation.
There are many techniques but all are about fully transforming yourself into that wisdom. This is the wisdom which 'overpowers' the ego and it comes from meditation. All of these forms of wisdom are excellent. If you only have the wisdom of study, that is good. If you also have the wisdom of contemplation, that is even better . If you have all three, that is the best wisdom possible, and an extremely beautiful treasure of practitioners."
Khenpo Tsewang Dongyal
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