your daily routine

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your daily routine

Post by gingercatni » Sat Feb 04, 2012 11:52 pm

So, I was just curious how everyone else on here practices the pureland teachings. For me, it's the offerings at the shrine in the morning, followed by recitation of the short sutra, a short service and chanting of Amitabha Buddha and a not so great effort of meditation. I always thought meditation wasn't a requirement in pureland but someone told me otherwise, so I do my best with it. So whats your routine?

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Re: your daily routine

Post by Rakz » Sun Feb 05, 2012 11:53 pm

I've stopped practicing for some time but plan on doing so again. It used to be to simply recite the Nembutsu before going to bed with varying number of recitations depending on the mood. I have no shrine or anything but that may help me next time in order to maintain practice.

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Re: your daily routine

Post by Simurgh » Wed Feb 08, 2012 9:36 pm

Ryoto wrote:I've stopped practicing for some time but plan on doing so again. It used to be to simply recite the Nembutsu before going to bed with varying number of recitations depending on the mood. I have no shrine or anything but that may help me next time in order to maintain practice.
I've personally found that a small shrine is extremely conducive to practice. I just have a small one with Amitabha Buddha, Gwanshiyin Pusa and the Green Tanra in my room. It's very helpful to wake up and be mindful of the Buddhas and Dharmas. Also, I find it helpful for meditation as well.

The Pratyutpanna Buddha Sammukhavasthita Samadhi practice was introduced to me by a master in the Pure Land/Cha'an tradition and it consists of a walking meditation while reciting Amitabha's name. I use the chinese pronunciation but I'm sure that the nembutsu and the tibetan pronunciations are equally powerful. Many people in my sangha have had remarkable results, such as healing or deep meditation from this practice. It may be very simple, but I've found it really useful in meditation and just a few minutes when I wake up really transforms my day. I also do prostrations and sitting meditation as well. Just find whatever works for you, even if you have no time at all it's really great to recite Amitabha's name while walking, sitting, studying, reading, working or at any time. Mentally works fine too, in my experience.

I hope you have good luck in your practice! :namaste:

Andreas Ludwig
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Re: your daily routine

Post by Andreas Ludwig » Mon Feb 13, 2012 12:18 pm

Well, 'daily routine' actually is something I try to avoid because for me as a Shin Buddhist this smacks to much of 'I have to do this practice to achieve something'. I do have a shrine, standing Amida imported from Japan, pictures of Shinran and Rennyo, flowers, incense, bell and all and it is the focus of my spiritual path in my home. It's there when I need it and it's still there when I'm lazy...which I often am... which makes it the perfect symbol for the reality I call Amida. A reality that's always present whether I'm thinking on it or not. When the Nembutsu is calling me I do that in front of the shrine or sitting in the bus. If I feel so I go thru a complete service schedule, with recitation of shoshinge and such, or I read the sutras or sit down to meditate, but that's a reaction to something I feel, an idea that this is 'right' to do now, not an action I think I have to do. I don't have any daily routine since I think any routine will kill what I feel is the dynamic experience of being grasped by Amida. For me, routine is the antithesis of Shinjin. :sage:

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Re: your daily routine

Post by Shutoku » Tue Mar 20, 2012 8:20 pm

My practice is each morning to sit before the shrine and chant any of Shoshinge, Juseige, or Amida Kyo, Often in English, but probably mostly in Japanese.
Then recite Nembutsu, sometimes going around a 27 bead Nenju 4 times. Of course the number of times doesn't matter but the Nenju serves as a kind of meditation timer if you will. Also important to understand, is that I do not do this to achieve anything, simply as an expression of gratitude.
Also I think that this helps cultivate a deeper feeling of gratitude and I find myself reciting Nembutsu frequently through the day.
Occasionally I chant at night as well, but more often I just find myself mentally reciting the Nembutsu as I fall asleep.

As for it being a routine, well it is for me, but I don't see it as a bad thing. Certainly I understand it is not a requirement of birth in the Pure Land, and over all I think Andreas and I have a very similar sense of Amida's reality. I just like the practice is all.
Namo Amida Butsu

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Re: your daily routine

Post by Wesley1982 » Sun Apr 22, 2012 10:22 pm

Wake up go to prayer corner light devotional candle and sticks of incense throughout the day, meditate & focus on study and prayers then go to bed after midnight. (Have all day to do whatever comes along)

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Re: your daily routine

Post by Nosta » Mon Apr 23, 2012 12:01 am

I recitate a little during the day, without any shedule in mind, and sometimes i may even not recitate.

BUT, during the day i am aware of Amitabha, many times of the day, sometimes in a continuous manner. When i say aware, i am not saying that i am feeling Amitabha or the like; rather, i am thinking on him in a peaceful way, like calling for him and wishing to reborn there after this life. I am also aware of the existence of suffering in me and around me. Anyway, this kind of silent recitation its peacceful, without the "noisy" namoamithababuddhanamoamitabhabuddhanamoamitabhabuddha...

I dont know why but i think that since a long time that i have more affinity with this kind of silent meditation. Even when i am doing Vipassana, i dont like to note everything (like: "seeing, seeing..." or "cold, cold, cold..."); i just prefer to be aware without toughts. My mind is always filled with toughts already.

By the way, what do you think about this my, lets say, "affinity"?

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