Dzogchen 6 Lamps Summer Retreat June 24 - July 14

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Dzogchen 6 Lamps Summer Retreat June 24 - July 14

Post by phantom59 » Sat Apr 28, 2012 6:40 pm

Event : Dzogchen 6 Lamps Summer Retreat with HE Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche
Date : June 24 - July 14
Venue : Serenity Ridge Retreat Centre
Address: 554 Drumheller Ln, Shipman, VA 22971, United States
25 miles south of Charlottesville in Nelson County, Virginia
Map : ... code=22971" onclick=";return false;
Website : ... l#schedule" onclick=";return false;
Retreat Cost :
Weeks 1 and 3: $550 received by May 14; $625 received after May 14.
Week 2 (includes auction banquet): $565 by May 14; $640 received after May 14
Programme :
Week 1, June 24 – June 30 (Sunday through Saturday): On June 30 Tenzin Rinpoche will give Refuge vows.

Week 2, July 1 – 7 (Sunday through Saturday): July 6 will feature our annual fundraising auction, followed by banquet dinner. On July 7 Tenzin Rinpoche will give a dzogchen initiation, The Great Primordial Initiation from the cycle of Zhang Zhung Nyan Gyu.

Week 3, July 8 – 14 (Sunday through Saturday): On each of four mornings during this week, Tenzin Rinpoche will give a transmission for one of the four most important dzogchen texts of the Zhang Zhung Nyan Gyu (details to come).

According to the Bon dzogchen teachings, the suffering of sentient beings can be traced to a single cause: our failure to comprehend that external appearances are only a manifestation of our own innate awareness. The teachings of the Six Lamps guide us to experience pure vision by recognizing the clear light of self-awareness in all levels of our existence:

In the vast, infinite space that is the base-of-all
In the space within our heart center
In the subtle channels of our sacred body that connect the heart with the eyes
In the external space surrounding us
In all external visions
In the visions we experience after death
The practice of the Six Lamps introduces us first to our inner light — helping us to overcome the internal darkness of ignorance, doubt and negative emotions. Then, it introduces us to the external manifestation of that light, helping us to overcome the external darkness.

During these teachings, through instruction and guided meditations Tenzin Rinpoche will help us learn to maintain our connection with the inseparable state of emptiness and innate awareness and to perceive all aspects of our environment with pure vision. Ultimately this practice is a path to self-liberation, enabling one to experience all visions of the bardo (the transitional state after death) as inseparable from one’s own essence, the essence of Samantabhadra.

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