The Sutra of Golden Light

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Ngawang Drolma
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The Sutra of Golden Light

Post by Ngawang Drolma » Mon May 17, 2010 5:04 pm

Lama Zopa Rinpoche says the following about the Sutra of Golden Light:
The sutra can be downloaded here: ... nlight.asp
Benefits of Sutra of Golden Light
Lama Zopa Rinpoche says:

'This text is very precious; it brings peace and happiness and is very powerful to stop violence. It gives incredible protection to the country from violence etc. By hearing this text, one's karma gets purified.

This text increases success and, especially for leaders like kings or presidents, brings success in guiding in virtue, the path to happiness. If anyone has problems-if one is dying or dead; if the devas have turned against one and nothing is working; if, merely by expressing oneself, one’s friends, loved ones, husband, wife, family members and even servants get angry with one; if one’s wealth declines or if one has harm from black magic or spirits, with bad dreams or fearful things happening-then one should wash, put on clean clothes and with a peaceful mind listen to the transmission of this text. Then all will be pacified. Anyone who hears it creates much merit and is highly admired by the buddhas.

In whichever country this is taught, the whole country benefits. The king of that country doesn't get attacked and disease is eliminated, everyone is happy and the country becomes harmonious; there are no quarrels. The king gives religious freedom and is always protected by the devas. It is especially good to be read in places where there is a lot of fighting. As well, there is prosperity and rains come at the right time.

Anyone who keeps, memorizes or contributes to this text exceeds the eight worldly beings and all their wishes get fulfilled. Buddha told the four guardians to make offerings and serve this text, and always protect the people who memorize or even just read it. The four guardians acknowledged they would protect those who read it and would help and fulfill all their wishes.

Memorizing or making offerings to this text is like making inconceivable offerings to Buddha. Enlightenment will never be reversed within anyone in whose ear these holy words are spoken; the life will always be directed toward enlightenment and one will never fall back. There is no question if you memorize the text. The deva, Hamachiwa Pala, told Buddha that she will protect the bhikshu who recites this text and he will receive all that is needed: property, a stable mind and so forth. Whoever even tries to read or understand this text will experience the comfort and happiness of devas and humans for 100 billion eons; fame and perfect crops; and will become a buddha. The earth goddess definitely will help even if only one chapter or one bodhisattva's name is mentioned; she will protect those sentient beings who even read and try to understand one verse (four words), and will fulfill their wishes. Those sentient beings who hear only one verse will never go to the lower realms. The Buddha told the earth goddess that even if a person hears only one verse, they will be born in the deva realm. Further, the Buddha told the earth goddess the non-virtuous karma of the person who hears even one verse will be eliminated and they will achieve enlightenment.'

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Re: The Sutra of Golden Light

Post by muni » Wed Dec 22, 2010 2:18 pm ... nlight.asp" onclick=";return false;

A really gift to post this King Sutra here. thank you Ngawang Drolma. :anjali:" onclick=";return false;
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Re: The Sutra of Golden Light

Post by ground » Thu Dec 23, 2010 6:00 pm

The power of eradication
The first power is great contrition for having done nonvirtuous actions since beginningless time. In order to feel this, it is necessary to meditate on the way in which you produce the three effects of actions - fruitional and so forth. At the time of putting this into practice, do so by way of the two methods - the confession of sins in the Sutra of the Golden Light (Suvarna-prabhasa-sutra) and the confession of sins by way of the thirty-five buddhas.

Lama Tsongkhapa

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Re: The Sutra of Golden Light

Post by deff » Thu Jan 06, 2011 1:11 am

a team is currently translating the larger 29-chapter version of this sutra and is looking for donations to complete it" onclick=";return false;

i thought i'd post this here in case any are interested :thumbsup:

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Re: The Sutra of Golden Light

Post by sherabzangpo » Wed Jul 04, 2012 11:02 pm

The website for the project to translate the 29 and 31 chapter versions of the Sutra of Golden Light from Tibetan into English is now here:" onclick=";return false;

Please check it out! Read the chapters translated thus far, and consider supporting this important project.

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Re: The Sutra of Golden Light

Post by Nosta » Thu Jul 05, 2012 2:32 pm

How can we get the benefits if we dont have the complete version of the sutras?

Do you really believe that if one single person of a given country reads that sutra it will bring benefit to that country? It seems to much power for a single person i think. What do you think?

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