Dzogchen at Wogmin Thubten Shedrup Ling, Tso Pema

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Dzogchen at Wogmin Thubten Shedrup Ling, Tso Pema

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Drigung 10 Year Dzogchen Course

with Ven. 3rd Drigung Ontül Rinpoche

4th Drigung Lho Jedrung
Orgyen Nüden Dorje Gyalwang Rinchen Phuntsog
Drigung Ratna

The Drigung Dzogchen teachings are from the gTermas (hidden Dharma Treasures) revealed by the following great Drigung masters.

Drigung Gyalwang Rinchen Phuntsog also known as Drigung Ratna (16th Century).
Drigung Orgyen Nüden Dorje also known as Drigung Lho Jedrung or Lho Bongtül.
Drigung Zhabdrung Chetsang, Konchok Rinchen (16th Century).
Drigung Chungtsang, Chokyi Dragpa (17th Century).
Drigung Özer Dorje of Dri-Matak Gön

Study & Practice Courses.
First Year ; Ngondro, The Preliminary Teachings & Practices
Second Year ; Meditation on Deity Hayagriva
Third Year ; Chöd, Cutting Through Ego
Fourth Year ; Dzogchen, Introduction to Rigpa
Fifth to Tenth Year ; Courses to be confirm" onclick=";return false;

The 1st Wogmin Thubten Shedrup Ling in Tibet was founded by Drigung Tertön Nüden Dorje, an embodiment of Tibet's great yogi Milarepa. During the Cultural Revolution in Tibet, Most Ven. Ontül Rinpoche escaped Tibet and in early 70's he founded Wogmin Thubten Shedrup Ling Monastery in Tso Pema in order to preserve the spiritual knowledge and tradition started by Lord Jigten Sumgon the founder of Drigung Kagyu Order of Tibetan Buddhism.

After coming back to India from Ladakh, in 1971 from the local Maharaja, Ontül Rinpoche bought a piece of land at Tso Pema (Rewalsar, Himachal Pradesh, India) and build a monastery from the donations which he received from the people of Ladakh. With the help of monastery monks Ontül Rinpoche managed to construct a monastery on this piece of land. Tso Pema means the “Lotus Lake”, and this is one of the sacred places where Guru Padmasambhava demonstrated his miraculous powers. The purpose of his exhibiting miracles on that place was to subdue the king and the people of that region, which was then known as Sahor. It took many years for Ontül Rinpoche to complete the monastery with the sacred objects, ritual instruments, and other necessary things.
There are about 50 monks ranging in age from 5 to 74 years old, many of the young monks are orphans, semi-orphans and from poor family trying to survive in a difficult situation as their parents are barely able to survive. The compassionate Ontül Rinpoche accepted many of these young monks and with the intentions to maintain the pure Buddhist Tradition in the monastery. The Monastery is situated in Tso Pema (Lotus Lake), a well known lake where Guru Rinpoche performed miracles which has a place in the history of Tibetan Buddhism and are told over and over again to younger generations. Many Buddhist from all over the world frequent this sacred lake during their pilgrimage to holy places of Buddhism.

Bongtül Lineage Tulkus.
1. Lho Tshele Lhundrub
2. Lho Drubchen Tendzin Zangpo
3. Lho Tendzin Changchub Zangpo
4. Lho Jedrung Ögyen Nüden Dorje
5. Lho Jedrung Tendzin Gyalbu Nyugü
6. Lho Böngtül Tendzin Drodül
7. Lho Böngtül Tendzin Nyima (present in Lungkar Gön)

Ontül (Elder) Lineage Tulkus.
1. Onchen Kunzang Drodül
2. Ontül Chöyang Rangdül
3. Ontül Tenzin Thrinle Rabgye Palzangpo (Present in Wogmin Tsopema)

Chung (Younger) Lineage Tulkus.
1. Chung Drubgyü Tendzin
3. Chung Ögyen Dorje Chönyi Thundrub (Present in Lungkar Gon)

Gyaltsab Lineage Tulkus (Chief Disciple).
1. Gyaltsab Ögyen Tendzin
2. Gyaltsab Kunchab Senge
3. Gyaltsab Don-Ngak Tendzin (Present in Lungkar Gon)


All 5 are reincarnated Lamas
Bagyud Tulku of Karma Kagyu, Sonam Tulku of Bonpo, Ontul Tulku of Drikung Kagyu,
(the late) Gyaltse Tulku of Sakya & Tulku Bonpo.

Drigung Kagyu Buddhist Monastery
Drigung Kagyu Welfare Society
P.O. Rewalsar 175 023
District. Mandi Himachal Pradesh North India.
Tel;. ++91-1905-240638
Fax; ++91-1905-240265

3rd Oddiyana Retreat" onclick=";return false;

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