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Dharma in the context of the Dharma Wheel Forum

Post by Daimonion »

I've just noticed that we all have a possibility of adding somebody (i.e. any forum member) to the list of "foes". I am not really sure, to be honest, if it is particularly compatible with the spirit of Buddhism and Bodhisattvas. What do you think?
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Re: Dharma in the context of the Dharma Wheel Forum

Post by Wayfarer »

It's a feature of the software the Forum uses. The same software is used by all kinds of forums, not just Dharma forums, and I don't think there's any karmic implications from it. If you add another poster to your 'foes' list, all it means is you won't see their posts.
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Re: Dharma in the context of the Dharma Wheel Forum

Post by SunWuKong »

You can add me as a foe if you like. We can even quarrel, I think everyone here does. I can play the Devil’s advocate or even the Devil himself
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Re: Dharma in the context of the Dharma Wheel Forum

Post by tomschwarz »

Great point. This short time, this forum (e.g. the foe button), every word we write, what we said to our family, friends, co-workers, consider please the bird seed on a snowy day that you offered for birds to eat, these are our chances, to practice Buddhism.

We are often not cognizant of just what the mind is, my 2 cents on that subject, your mind is god, seriously. Hit that foe button and you will send yourself to hell, maybe for 3 days, maybe more. So go with the bird seed, take a load off Mary. Its absolutely unreal how that works. Karma. Only explanation i have is that you are bound to ethics, there is no choice in the matter. It seems you could at least get away with little things, but you can't. You are god.
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Re: Dharma in the context of the Dharma Wheel Forum

Post by muni »

I was reading yesterday about a mission in an isolate volcanic area on Hawaii. People try to find out how life on Mars could be in order to prepare them. One important
point was that they had to fully care for each other, for all, without any exception. Without that, the whole group would suffer and the mission risking to be a failure.

:alien: Dharma Wheel on Mars. :twothumbsup:
Conversely, viewing the self as a mere convention or as a designated label for our dynamic stream of experience - consciousness in relation to the body and the world - is in harmony with the interdependent and impermanent nature of reality; and leads to a state of well-being grounded in wisdom, altruism, compassion, and inner freedom.
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Simplicity reveals the nature of the mind behind the veil of restless thoughts.
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Re: Dharma in the context of the Dharma Wheel Forum

Post by catmoon »

I wonder how that will work with a group of millenials. I imagine the Mars mission agenda will look like:

1. Complain about bad cell service.
2. Play Angry Birds on the phone.
3. Complain about being bored.
4. Watch some porn videos.
5. Get triggered by a routine suggestion from Mission Control and smash things.
6. Oops. One of them was the oxygen generator. Die.

Last words from Mars: "I hate this science s***".
Sergeant Schultz knew everything there was to know.
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